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The North American Automakers have very stringent specifications regarding the data format in which preventive maintenance tasks are to be submitted. At ISS, we are familiar with each of the individual formats.  These formats include:

  • Maximo for Maintenance - MFM (Ford Motor Company)

  • Maximo (General Motors)

  • Total Maintenance System – TMS & World Class Manufacturing - WCM (FCA)

Part of the research involved in developing comprehensive technical manuals is determining the preventive maintenance requirements. Therefore, our customers realize cost savings by having ISS develop the PM Programs in the required format at the same time we are developing the technical manuals and training materials.

Our Technical Coordinators extract the PM requirements from the component manufacturers as well as making visits to the build shop to determine the required PM. The data is then organized by trade per the U.A.W. local at the designated plant and prepared in the required format.

At ISS, we're experienced in providing technical manuals to the North American Automakers and their supplier base. This is a valuable asset to our customers because it means projects flow smoothly and expectations and delivery dates are met with no surprises.

We developed a Visual Job Plan (VJP) template that is used by Ford today as the standard for visual reference relating to the MFM bodyshop maintenance.  We have built an impressive library of Visual Job Plans for the latest Ford programs.

Currently we are the librarian for all of Ford PM Tasks.  We populate the Maximo database with the maintenance procedures, frequency of task, and by designated trade.

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