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ISS designed and developed a Web Based Document Management System known today as the DocuMate™ application.

DocuMate™ provides rapid access to information using intuitive search capabilities for both text and AutoCad files.  Innovative book marks allow rapid recall of information while the extensive redlining capabilities allow field changes and notes to be added as a layer over engineering drawings.

We work as the project manager for gathering all drawings and documentation critical to maintaining and troubleshoot automated manufacturing tooling.  We upload the drawings and documentation into the DocuMate™ document management system.  We create a Table of Contents for all materials, and create the necessary hyper-links for fast retrieval by the user.  A database of words and phrases is generated to allow for quick accurate search capabilities.

Since we developed the DocuMate™ software, and wrote all the software for our viewing screens, it can be customized to fit your specific needs.

DocuMate™ allows skilled trades and engineers at the plant floor level to quickly view engineering drawings (electrical and mechanical) and all OEM Literature specific to the tool at the touch of a button. 

As part of the search capabilities within DocuMate™, we have developed a package that allows the use of Near Field Communications (NFC) as method for quickly accessing data relating to a specific asset.  The NFC tags are preprogrammed and attached to the desired asset.  NFC readers located on the back of most tablets senses the NFC tag when as the tablet is positioned over the tag.  All information relating to that tag (asset) will be displayed on the tablet with the DocuMate™ application.

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